"We decided to take dance lessons with Simone for our first dance. We both had absolutely no previous dance experience and did not want to embarrass ourselves!

After the first lesson with Simone, we were both discussing how much fun it was on the ride home. We began practicing each night at home and it become something we looked forward to. After 3 lessons with Simone we both felt confident to conquer the dance in front of our family and friends.

We are so happy we took these lessons and would recommend them to anybody, experienced or not at all. Simone made the lessons fun and no stress! She is extremely easy to work with and made us feel at ease."​ 

- Rachel and Andrew G.

"Our biggest concern before taking dance classes with Simone was if we really needed private lessons to prepare for our wedding dance or if group lessons were sufficient. As it turns out, the group classes we enrolled in never deprived us from any value. Simone gave us personalized attention when warranted and encouragement when she saw us doing well. In other words, I felt we received good value from Simone.

I consider myself an introvert, therefore I am generally self-conscious and don’t often put myself on display. Participating in the lessons was a good exercise in confidence building -- and everything else worked out just fine!

My favorite part of our dance lessons is getting personalized feedback. That definitely helped the learning process. Also, Simone switched in as a dance partner every now and then to solidify a movement or dance step. Being able to get a first hand feeling for what a move is supposed to feel like was really helpful.

If my best friend asked about taking dance lessons from Simone, I would say there is no downside to giving the class a try. I was able to learn enough rhumba to dance credibly at my wedding in 5 short classes. Simone helped me do that."

- Robert 

"Simone is a wonderful dance instructor!  My wife and I were complete beginners to dancing when we first met Simone. 

We had little sense of what we could do and what we wanted.  But Simone helped us choose a wedding song, develop a style, and perfect our dance. 

Without her, we would have been stumbling on the dance floor in front of our friends and family, but instead we were able to impress the crowd with our well-rehearsed and choreographed dance. 

We highly recommend her.  Thank you, Simone!" 

- Matt and Amanda D.


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